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NOTE TO BUYERS:  Your breeder should provide you with copies of full genetic testing and pedigrees/registrations for the parent dogs of the puppy you are purchasing.  Please contact your breeder if you have not been provided with this information or the director of the PREMIUM BREEDERS site.
About our Premium Breeder's Listed


The Premium Breeders’ site has a list of breeders whom breed both Goldendoodles & Labradoodles, breeders who care enough to breed the best doodles possible. In order to accomplish this goal our Goldendoodle Breeders & Labradoodle Breeders are doing the extensive testing recommended by the specific breed organizations, such as The Poodle Club of America and The Golden Retriever Club of America along with the Veterinary Universities and Research Centers. We screen our Goldendoodle Breeders and Labradoodle Breeders and they are required to do the tests listed.

We recommend that you always ask the hard questions of the breeders that you contact. Educating yourself about the importance of genetic testing of Goldendoodles & Labradoodles will insure that you are not fooled by websites that claim to be concerned about the genetic health of their dogs, yet do nothing to prove they are genetically sound. Although many of these breeders care and love their Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, caring and loving is not enough to keep their breeding stock from passing genetic disorders on to their pups. We all know that testing isn’t fool proof and disorders can and do develop in some offspring of completely tested and cleared breeding stock. We test to prevent, not to guarantee. To date…. testing is the best and only way to make sure that we are breeding quality to quality. *** Please note: All links to breeder’s website will open in a new window. Pop up blockers should be disabled for these pages***



DaeShar’s Designer Doodles

Deer Park, WA – Quality Standard Goldendoodles. Health and temperament my priority. Service dog, Pet therapy and family pets my specialty as well as the rare “Phantom” F1b



Contact: Sharon Merriam via Email or Phone: 509-276-2703

Tuscan Ridge Labradoodles

Mooresville, NC – Exquisite Australian and American Labradoodles raised in our home. Specializing in REDS, CHOCOLATES and PARTI’s (all sizes). Health and Temperaments (sweet /calm)…always 1st PRIORITY!

Contact: Teresa via Email or WEB

Springville Labradoodles

Silverton, OR – We specialize in red and parti colors in miniature and medium sizes. Puppies are ALAA registered, socialized and health guaranteed. Lovingly home raised.

Contact: Dixie Springer via Email or Phone: 1-877-855-2005 or WEB

Michelle’s Doodles

Redmond, WA – Responsible breeder of F1 &F1b Golden Doodles with health guarantee. Family raised with love just for you! Please visit our web site Seattle / Puget Sound

Contact: Michelle via Email or Phone: 425-941-0540 or WEB

Australian Labradoodles, Mini-Medium Sizes

Junction City, OR – Prime temperaments raised in home under foot! Most colors available plus Black Beauties! 3 yr. heath warranty. Parents fully tested. Reg’d. ALAA/ALCA. Lifetime support!

Contact: Debbie Young via Email | Phone: 541-998-2247 | Website: Fern Ridge

Exceptional Double Doodles (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle)

Blaine, WA – Reputable breeder of quality, fully health tested, multi-generational Double Doodles. Two year warranty, free spay, lots extras. Excellent temperaments & coats. Great Agility & Therapy!  Male & Females available.

Contact: Sally Powell via Email | Phone: 360-332-9931 | Website:

Premium Breeders With Test Results Pending

Please Note: The Breeders listed below are still pending test results and have not completely sent in all the required forms or information on their breeding dogs. Due to the fact that these breeders are still among the top breeders in the U.S. and Canada and are desperately trying to accomplish all the required tests, in order to qualify as a Premium Breeder, many of them have a number of dogs and test results take several weeks. To be fair to our breeders whom have the tests completed and all test results on file, we are implementing this form of identification in order to let you, the consumer, know that those breeders are not in complete compliance at this time. But, please check with them to find out what test results are pending. As members of this group, we felt that it was not necessary to be “throwing out the baby with the bath water”, when many of these breeders are awaiting only one or two test results.


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We , our management , customers, or partners hold no responsibility for the practices of some breeders who are not ethical but we do our best to make sure to promote only the best of the HEALTH TESTED AND CERTIFIED doodle breeders of the world. Always do your research before adding any new addition to your home. Do not copy or re-post images from this site without written consent.

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