Breeder Listing Membership Application Form

We would like to welcome you to the Goldendoodle-Labradoodle Premium Breeders site and ask that you fill out the application form and send in the required paperwork that will put you in a class that you can and should be proud of. Please review our BREEDER REQUIREMENTS to ensure your program qualifies to be listed in our Premium Doodle Breeders Directory.

We have yearly or monthly fees from $5/mo to $120.00/yr and we want to ensure that everyone that is listed on this site has completed all the required tests. This site guarantees that all breeders listed have completed the required genetic testing and due to this guarantee, we ask that each breeder send copies of all tests that have been completed on dogs they are currently breeding.

As soon as all the documents are on file and the yearly fee is paid, you will be immediately placed on the list with a link to your website. We are proud of the breeding program that you have developed and want you to be recognized for all that you are doing to ensure that you are producing the best doodle that is possible. Thanks for caring to do the very best.


We , our management , customers, or partners hold no responsibility for the practices of some breeders who are not ethical but we do our best to make sure to promote only the best of the HEALTH TESTED AND CERTIFIED doodle breeders of the world. Always do your research before adding any new addition to your home. Do not copy or re-post images from this site without written consent.

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