NOTE TO BUYERS USING A BREEDER LISTED ON THIS SITE:  Your breeder should provide you with copies of full genetic testing & pedigrees/registrations for the parent dogs of the puppy you are purchasing. Please contact your breeder if you have not been provided with this information or the director of the PREMIUM BREEDERS site.

*A Responsible Breeder……..will have clearances, certifications or results of tests completed on their breeding stock for the genetic diseases that are inherent in each breed and they are happy to share those with their clients.

*A Responsible Breeder……..Will have high standards as to the care and concern they have for their animals. All needs are met both emotionally and physically for all the animals in their care.

*A Responsible Breeder…….Will be honest with high moral standards and integrity to provide their clients with a quality puppy. Available to answer any questions and concerns that their clients have – during the sale and long after the sale.

*A Responsible Breeder…….Will have a health guarantee for their puppies. Although each individual breeder will have a guarantee that will vary in time and content…..a 2 year minimum (is recommended)

*A Responsible Breeder…….Will have some form of application, either written or verbal, to ensure that the puppy will have a good home and quality care.

*A Responsible Breeder…… Will allow clients to visit their facilities and view their dogs. Although each individual breeder will have their own set of rules on this, beware of those that will not allow for visitation and want to meet you in a public place to pick up your puppy. BIG RED FLAG

* A Responsible Breeder……Will be happy to provide you with recommendations from clients, other breeders, Veterinarians and other professionals in the dog world.

* A Responsible Breeder……Will ask you many questions concerning your family and the life that this puppy will have.


!!! RED FLAGS !!!

* Breeders who are evasive or become defensive when you ask the hard questions, such as…WHAT TESTS ARE PERFORMED ON THE BREEDING DOGS or CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH NAMES OF THE VET TO VERIFY YOUR DOGS TEST RESULTS.

* Breeders that allow no visits to their facility.

* Breeders that require a large sum of money as a nonrefundable deposit.

* Breeders with an unreasonable guarantee.

* Unknowledgeable breeders who cannot answer your questions.

We , our management , customers, or partners hold no responsibility for the practices of some breeders who are not ethical but we do our best to make sure to promote only the best of the HEALTH TESTED AND CERTIFIED doodle breeders of the world. Always do your research before adding any new addition to your home. Do not copy or re-post images from this site without written consent.

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