The Labradoodle Breeders and Goldendoodle breeders on this site do extensive testing and have proof of all those tests. The premium breeders suggest that you compare all available breeders and/or breeder’s sites. We are certain that you will find the Labradoodle Premium Breeders Site requires more of our breeders than any other market, and we assure you that you will not find any breeders that are more dedicated to the development of these breeds. As new research is developed, Labradoodle Premium Breeders continue to keep up with the new recommended tests.

You don’t have to look any further for a Labradoodle Puppy Breeder that you can trust. You don’t have to look any further for that puppy that will be as healthy as it possibly can be – a puppy with a better chance of growing up sound and healthy, to be in your home and in your heart for years to come. This website was started in order to furnish the buying public the opportunity to educate themselves as to the importance of the tests… to educate you to the importance of the Labradoodle Dog Breeders and the difference between them… to keep you safe and your family safe from making the mistake that many consumers make when they are not informed.

This site was started to help promote the testing of breeding stock, in hopes that other breeders, who are not at this time testing, would move towards the same understanding of it’s importance as the breeders on this site.

Unfortunately, when a breed such as the doodles becomes so popular… you find breeders, many who have never bred a dog before, that see that the doodles as a quick means to make some big bucks. And for some it very well could be the case, purchase dogs here and there, some are registered, some are not, don’t care about the testing and won’t test their stock, little concern for the temperaments, sell the pups, don’t spend any extra money, profits are higher that way. To purchase a puppy from a breeder that cares so little about the breed, the pups, or the clients, to do no testing or not enough testing, you might as well be buying from a puppy mill and you very well could be.

You often times never know what is on the other end of the phone and what is true or isn’t true in the “marketing” of the websites. This may sound a bit harsh, but we need to be a bit harsh in order to get across how the purchase of the pups from breeding kennels such as these only promote the puppy mills and the idea of a get rich quick kennel situation, cause an unhealthy future for the breed and many heartaches for unsuspecting buyers whom find out too late that they may have made a mistake when purchasing their beloved pup.


We , our management , customers, or partners hold no responsibility for the practices of some breeders who are not ethical but we do our best to make sure to promote only the best of the HEALTH TESTED AND CERTIFIED doodle breeders of the world. Always do your research before adding any new addition to your home. Do not copy or re-post images from this site without written consent.

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